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Miriam’s Well

Women of the Bible, 2013

Throughout history, especially in politics, the narrative has often been perceived as predominantly male. The general assumption for centuries was that women had little to contribute, leading to their exclusion from centers of public influence. This project centers on the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible), the oldest and most comprehensive document covering various aspects of human life. It spotlights 11 women who

transcended traditional roles, impacting significant community and public issues. I've chosen to emphasize the role of these women as leaders who have added an impressive impact tohistoric events. Rather than to reflect the Biblical story as it is, I presented my interpretation that goes beyond the perspective of the male authors.

From research to completion, the process took nearly three years. At this time, I became a mother. This deepened my commitment and empowered my perspective, emphasizing women's strength and courage throughout the ages.

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