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Will Everything be Alright 

Autism's unique mind

My son Omri is unique. Having autism, he perceives and exists in the world differently. The qualities he has fascinate me, and I've learned to be extremely proud of him.Omri faces challenges every day. He couldn't fully integrate into the traditional education system, but through struggle, he found his way to express himself beautifully. He developed a fascination with nature, always carrying a fishing net, he constantly explores the bushes for discoveries. The detail in his artwork illustrates his appreciation of the natural world and sensitive

points of view. Despite his reading challenges, he acquired extensive familiarity with nature through listening, observing, and experiencing. He loves being read to, and making up stories. His active imagination also leads to fear, anxiety, and nightmares, for which he needs constant comfort.

Omri's heightened sensitivity often causes him to miss social cues and be misunderstood. Consequently, he is overwhelmed with emotions and feelings, making it difficult for him to navigate the complex world around him.

Omri teaches me how to see the world anew. He inspires me every day.

"Will Everything Be Alright?" is a question Omri asks me every night before he falls asleep, one I reflect on daily.

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