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I was born in Israel in 1978, three decades after its establishment, a time marked by wars and struggles for Israel's existence. Dreams were considered a privilege then, and they still are today.
From a young age, my father would take me to the kibbutz fence, to paint the landscapes of Syria and Lebanon and collect beautiful stones. At home I was exposed to an extensive art book library that stimulated and inspired me. My passion for art was born out of an urge to find myself in these imaginary worlds. 

Throughout my life, I've alternated between painting and photography.

There have been periods when I immersed myself in painting, followed by phases of exclusive dedication to photography. The decision between the two art forms remains unclear to this day, and my body of work reflects a continuous longing for both painting and photography.My curiosity in photography is based on my desire to follow the spirit of classical artworks.Initially, I approached photography with a painter's mindset, shaping every aspect of the frame. Later in time, my attention shifted from creating moments to hunting them. I was looking to emphasize their authenticity and was receptive to the unexpected.I found that familiarity with the painting discipline as well as having a vast collection of imagery in mind is crucial to exprss myself in photography.

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