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Mayne Tayere

Shabbat and Holidays, 2013

"Mayne tayere," which means "my dear" in Yiddish, was what my grandmother called my mother. This series brings together my memories with those of my grandparents, drawing from stories, family photos and Hebrew literature. It presents moments from family gatherings, reflecting on early 20th-century Eastern Europe and Israel. The series explores cultural experience, past and present dialogue, and Jewish identity formation through personal and collective narratives. 

My father's parents, from Poland and Moldova, were part of Israel's early founding. My mother's parents, Holocaust survivors from Lithuania, arrived soon after Israel's establishment. They all actively sought to leave their pasts behind, abandoning their old habits, languages, and even passports. Determined to forget their previous lives, they aimed to become "Sabras," fully adopting their identity and life in Israel.

Growing up in a secular setting, traditional events with religious themes were primarily about family and connection.

This project explores my Jewish and Israeli roots, connecting family stories with the nuances of this identity.

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